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Becoming World Ambassadors


Model United Nations (MUN), through Global Classrooms, is an innovative program that affords middle school students the opportunity to be exposed to the latest worldwide developments in the political, economic, and social fields. Global Classrooms gives students the ability to discuss and debate through interactive simulations and curricular materials, helping to build future leaders and citizens of the world.

MUN provides an exciting opportunity for students to role-play as delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees. As an MUN member, students participate in the international conference in New York City—the largest in the world—and have the opportunity to collaborate with hundreds of students from across the country and around the globe.

The "delegates" make speeches, prepare draft resolutions, negotiate with allies and adversaries, resolve conflicts, and navigate the MUN conference rules of procedure—all in the interest of mobilizing international cooperation to resolve problems that affect countries all over the world.

In the past, our Shelton Academy delegates have been honored with two Best Position Paper awards and received an Honorable Mention for Distinguished Performance, as well as a special recognition for an Outstanding Delegate.

We invite you to visit the following link for additional information and to learn about the MUN 2015 and 2016 experiences, and a preview of the 2017 team:

"There are no words to explain what I experienced."
- Ana Lucia Lama
"I am more aware of what is happening in the world. This will
stay with me forever."
- Laura Gutierrez
"I loved meeting people from other countries."
- Sandra Bringas
"This is a unique experience that I would not change for anything."
- Michelle Beebe
"This group of people changed me."
- Alexandra Ferr