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Shelton Academy’s D.I.V.E. is a unique marine biology experience and the only program of its kind in the city of Doral!

D.I.V.E. incorporates:
  • Weekly hands-on study sessions at school
  • Maintenance of Sea-Scope Tank 

  • Leadership Training
  • Field Study Trips 

  • Lab Experiments 

  • Family Camping Trips 

The goal of the program is to achieve academic excellence through experiential learning. Enhancing the curriculum taught at Shelton, marine biologist apprentices participate in weekly hands-on study sessions where they put into practice scientific techniques in the process of learning about marine sciences.
The courses are entwined within Shelton’s curriculum with the purpose of nurturing marine biologists through discoveries, experiences, excursions, and encounters in order to promote environmental stewardship.

Study Sessions

  • Coastal nature hikes and explorations
  • Critter-catching using seine nets and bottom nets
  • Plankton collection using nets
  • Kayak adventures
  • Snorkeling excursions
  • Animal encounters
  • Visits to lab and animal rehabilitation centers
  • Camping trips

Sea-Scope Tank


D.I.V.E. incorporates the maintenance and animal care of the Sea-Scope Tank at the school. This lab portion of the program allows students to learn about water quality, biochemistry, lab techniques, and animal husbandry through hands-on activities and experiments. Teachers and students are responsible for the maintenance, animal care, and water quality of our Sea-Scope Tank. Students are also involved in the tracking information and data analysis collected during the Sea-Scope labs.

Learning Outcomes

Students participating in D.I.V.E. are expected to:
  • Understand and apply fundamental theories and concepts of the biological or environmental sciences.
  • Develop the inquiry and observational skills to formulate scientific questions.
  • Understand and develop basic experimental methodology, including the proper use of scientific analysis.
  • Evaluate evidence critically.
  • Communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.
  • Research the scientific literature using print and electronic resources.
  • Understand the ethics and environmental impacts of student and societal actions. Provide research tools for marine life scientists to find useful resources with information on current research, news, etc. and to highlight the impact of the work they are doing in the marine life sciences.

Nature Postings


D.I.V.E. is run in conjunction with Nature Postings, Inc., established with the purpose of embracing nature and education through hands-on study sessions, interpretive programs, camping trips, retreats, encounters, adventures, camps, celebrations and more! The curriculum incorporates multidisciplinary approaches to the study and enjoyment of nature and science, creating experiences that will allow participants to decode the unspoken language of it.

The teachers create the most superb quality of unique adventures and discoveries our participants could ever have! They are passionate about education and love to use nature as their classroom. The NP Squad is trained in multidisciplinary sciences and techniques, and their most important goal is to decode nature's postings messages and teach the students the knowledge of nature's voice.

"We want our kids to learn, not memorize; we want them to explore and be engaged. We want them to be in a nurturing environment where they can spend quality hours. Academically, they are excelling and seeing the same material they would at any other top school but with the difference that they use technology, arts and music to integrate the kids learning. We recommend Shelton to anyone looking for a well-rounded curriculum and safe environment for their kids."
- Natalia Echeverri, Parent