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“An experience is only as powerful as the reflection of that experience...”

Focused on constant improvement, Shelton Academy regularly reviews its curriculum, both in design and implementation, in order to insure our students' changing needs are being met. Reflecting on what, how, and why we teach maintains our program current, relevant, challenging, and developmentally-appropriate. Our rich and relevant curriculum equips students with a strong foundation and develops important 21st century skills such as critical thinking, communication, media fluency, problem solving, creativity, and collaboration. We offer an honors and advanced track for students in the Upper Academy.
A 21st century education is characterized by a wide array of technology incorporated into the educational setting. Shelton is eager to join this new and ever-changing era of technology with the use of Apple iPads and online textbooks in our Upper Academy. Additionally, our students incorporate the use of iPads to fully benefit from online resources and supplemental materials provided for the classroom setting. All classrooms are equipped with interactive SMART Boards.
Shelton Academy has adopted textbooks which foster quality student performance and exemplary practices and processes. As an accredited institution, our curriculm is research-based and has online resources available.