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Welcome to our beautiful, modern and vibrant educational environment, where learning takes place in and outside of the classroom on a daily basis. Shelton Academy offers a modern approach to education, where children develop free thinking, creativity, and self-confidence.  We invite you to tour our campus and to meet us personally to experience what makes our school so special!

Reggio Emilia Approach

We believe that the Reggio Emilia approach is successful because of its powerful image and deep respect for the culture of childhood, and for its strong belief that children, teachers, and parents all work together in the process of building knowledge. We offer a learning environment where lifelong inquiry, critical thinking, and high self-esteem are honored as capabilities in every child. The joy of learning is fundamental to our philosophy of education where the experience and preparation of global citizens is carried out in a relaxed and fun-filled atmosphere. Shelton Academy is committed to building a strong community that celebrates its cultural diversity as well as cultivating and guiding each child's intellectual, emotional, social, and moral potentials.

21st Century Learner

The term 21st century learning is a philosophy for what needs to be different in schools if young people are to be well prepared for life in the age of knowledge. Every child needs 21st century knowledge and skills to succeed as effective citizen workers and leaders. In the process of becoming independent learners, children must gain not only the skills but also the disposition to use these skills, along with an understanding of their own responsibilities and self-assessment strategies. Combined, these four elements build a learner who can thrive in today’s complex information environment. In this increasingly global world of information, students must be taught to seek diverse perspectives, gather and use information ethically, and use social tools responsibly and safely.