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About the Artist

Carlos J. Tirado was born in Caracas, Venezuela. He is an artist, painter, and sculptor who has developed a very personal and precise line of work linked to Neo-Pop art. With plenty of personal art exhibitions, Tirado has participated in numerous collective ones, receiving different awards such as “III Premio de Escultura” del Certamen Aires de Córdoba in 2004 and other recognitions, among them at the Venezuelan Embassy in DC (2005) and the X Latin Art Festival of Atlanta (2005).

His inclination for the arts started from an early age. At 8 years old, he was already experimenting with tridimensional forms, creating molds out of cast lead from pieces previously gathered on the streets. These first artistic experiences led by his inquisitive nature provided the groundwork to continue exploring the possibilities with different materials like wood, waste, and plaster.

Tirado has participated in numerous collective art exhibitions, like Nobe 67 Art (Miami, 2008), Art Shangai 2004 and 2011, Florencia’s Biennal (2011), Mérida-Mexico Biennal, among others.

For more information, visit the after school Carlos Tirado art website.
At the initial stage, students learn the fundamentals of drawing through sketching, cartoons, and other basic themes. Art classes offer drawing and painting instruction in an encouraging atmosphere where anyone who has the tiniest bit of interest in art is able to pursue it. We are all born creative human beings, and we will guide and instruct you as you bring out your creative side and let it thrive! Instruction includes:
  • Portraiture
  • Perspective
  • Still Life
  • Realism/Abstraction
  • Art History
  • Color Theory
  • Fundamental Composition Skills
  • Line and Patterning
  • Art Vocabulary
Current and upcoming classes include introduction to comic book coloring, introduction to comic book writing, advanced comic book writing, and introduction to comic book art! Students learn the fundamentals of cartooning—character design, the language of comics, and storytelling—through the use of various techniques and exercises in the media of comic books, comic strips, and animation.

Sculpture and Clay
Open to students of all levels, from beginner to advanced, these classes are instructed by professional ceramists. The relaxed studio setting and informal instructional style gives lots of time to experiment and produce great take-home pieces. We have a uniquely personalized approach where we teach, but not in a large class format. Instead, studio members receive one-on-one instruction. Our staff is always on hand for in-depth lessons, last-minute rescues, or help with a new form or project.
The digital photography course offers lessons and tutorials ranging from the basics of optics, cameras, and lighting, to web page layout and digital photography. Our courses are packed full of tips and advice, built for the novice and professional alike. This is the perfect place for those wanting to know more about digital photography!