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Anti-Bullying Program


As a continuation of the ASOPAZCO Human Rights program conducted during the 2015-16 school year that was so well received by our students, Shelton Academy has continued its work by adopting Mari Paz Martinez Nieto's program against bullying. Shelton is the only school in the United States working in conjunction with ASOPAZCO.

Our school is aware of the incidences of bullying and its serious consequences. We want our students to be trained to properly handle bullying and help others who have suffered at some point in their school lives. The joint work between school and home is essential in order to achieve our goals.

You may visit Mari Paz’s blog containing the work of our students by clicking here:

Human Rights Program

It was with great pride that Shelton Academy launched a Human Rights Program during the 2015-16 school year.
Shelton Academy is currently the only school in the United States carrying out this program in conjunction with ASOPAZCO in Spain. The purpose is to disseminate, teach, and raise awareness about the importance of equality and respect for human beings.
Our school was awarded the TOP HONOR from among dozens of schools in Europe for having performed exceptionally during the first year of program implementation. The President of ASOPAZCO, Mari Paz Martinez Nieto, flew in from Madrid especially for an awards event held on May 23, 2016. Our students were honored for their outstanding work.